Power Outlets Control

SNMP protocol

Based on the proper driver, EasyDCIM control panel gives you the possibility to perform appropriate actions on power outlets of PDU devices. Most of the power devices allow to disable and enable power outlets using the SNMP protocol. It is necessary to have relevant read and write access permissions for the SNMP protocol.

Depending on the selected SNMP version, the form contains such fields as:

  • For SNMP version 2 - complete the SNMP Private Community field. Remember that the community must have the write permission, only then EasyDCIM will be able to perform the action of turning on and off the network port.
  • For SNMP version 3 - all access data for this SNMP version must be entered. You have to configure SNMP v3 access in the manufacturer’s factory panel of this switch, so that read and write permissions are enabled. Only then EasyDCIM will be able to run the action of turning on or off the network port.

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