Adding New Colocation

Colocation in EasyDCIM allows you to group many network ports, devices and power outlets within one virtual device. To add a colocation to the system, use the “Add Device” form.

Add Device form

The “Add Device” form allows you to add a single colocation in your system and then configure the most important data. This form is available in Devices → Add Device side menu.

In the first step, you can specify unique data for the device, such as:

  • Select Device Type - specifies the colocation type, in this case “Colocation”
  • Select or Create Device Model - specifies the colocation model, this can be an existing or a new colocation model
  • Location - determines the location where the colocation is located
  • Label - any colocation label
  • Inventory Status - determines the status of the colocation in the inventory

The “Save Changes” button will add the colocation to EasyDCIM and take you to the colocation summary page where you can proceed with further configuration.

The “Save And Configure More” button will take you to the form with additional colocation information.