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Inspired by Innovation. Focused on Automation.

EasyDCIM is the result of the hard work of many professionals, led by Konrad Keck. The initial motivation behind the development of this platform was simple - demand, but no supply! There was a need to have a proper system heralding all the aspects and benefits of fully automated bare metal server provisioning which would be easy to find in off-the-shelf solutions, but would also integrate complex and far reaching inventory tracking with asset management, that every dedicated server and colocation provider needs as their foundation. The latter is essential to ensure successful business management that translates into customer satisfaction and guaranteed service quality.

The combined skills of many experienced entrepreneurs and software developers allowed us to create a platform that significantly overshadows any other half-baked solutions that may contain pieces of the pie, but require that you "deal without" or force external development and hacked together integration. We just were not happy with that! Why have billing and basic device location tracking, but no real inventory control and management? Why use IP assignment management, but no DNS or revDNS management? Why finally create a half-baked system, but then do not provide a flexible UI, widget customization, and API to afford the capability of proper customization or billing integration? Our fresh and innovative approach to bare metal and dedicated server, colocation, and cloud infrastructure management propels EasyDCIM to be the clear choice for any provider who wants to regain control and automate their data center business.

We do not, however, intend to rest on our laurels. EasyDCIM is a continually developing and growing product with refinements and additions to functionality that we hope will exceed your expectations. We are eager to implement capabilities that help us automate, bill, service, and control in ways never offered before.

Company Address:

  • EasyDCIM
  • INBS.Software Konrad Keck
  • st. Rejtana 36
  • Rzeszów 35-310 Poland
  • EU VAT: PL8652468710

Konrad Keck


The Founder & CEO of ModulesGarden created in 2011 from scratch. Owing to exceptional and unprecedented abilities, Konrad quickly turned one-man business, created in 2011 on his own into a booming company with dozens of specialists. He is a multi-talented individual, well-known for his leadership, managing and software engineering skills. Konrad is really open-minded and always looks for new business opportunities.

Piotr Dołęga


Since 2012 Piotr has been leading marketing, sales and direction of ModulesGarden development. With over 10 years of experience in web marketing, team & sales management and strategic planning, he ensures the stable growth of all company's aspects. He also handles SEO/SEM/SMO for many brands and enterprises.

Konrad Bieda

Product Development Leader

Konrad is a perfect combination of vast technical skills, communicative abilities and a wide range of interests. He is a true expert in software development and networks. Konrad is famous for constant striving for perfection and attention to the finest detail. When he gets down to a project, he always follows through and makes sure it is all buttoned up.

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