Basic Monitoring

EasyDCIM will help you stay well-informed and make data-driven decisions on the fly. Empowered by our unique tool you will be able to create various device monitors and define simple conditions to easily access the information you are looking for. The platform will also empower you to set up personalized notifications through email, Slack and GitLab so you and your team will never miss any important notice.

Advanced Monitoring

A quick glance is all you need to learn every important fact about the performance of your data center infrastructure. Our monitoring solution will not only let you supervise the status of your device groups and the entire inventory from a single pane of glass, but will also provide you with a convenient tool to create complex query filters and easily track your hardware resources. Owing to simple management of all monitors across the platform enriched with custom SMS integrations, EasyDCIM makes sure you always stay up to date with your business condition.


Revolutionize your data center

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