Version 1.9.9

Jan 19, 2024

New Features:

  • [Redfish Protocol - IPMI Integration v1.5.0 Extension] - Support for server auto discovering with Redfish v1 has been introduced:
    • Supported server providers:
      • Supermicro
      • Dell iDrac
      • AMI
      • HP iLO
    • Automatic detection of basic server information: label, service tag, serial number, model, manufacturer, description, BIOS version
    • Automatic detection of server hardware:
      • [Processors] - model, name, cores
      • [RAM] - model, label, serial numbers, memory size in GB
      • [HDD and SSD drives] - model, manufacturer, serial numbers, description, memory size in GB
      • [Network interfaces] - description, MAC address, name, operational and administrative state of a port
    • Automatic determination of server on/off status
    • Remote server control with "powerOn", "powerOff" and "powerCycle" actions
    • Auto discovering for both single IP addresses and whole subnets in CIDR format
  • [Duo Security - Two-Factor Authentication v1.2.0 Extension] - Added support for Cisco Duo Security two-factor authentication in the backend section:
    • Submodule configuration with client identifier and API hostname
    • Connection testing with Duo Security API
    • Authentication mechanism based on Duo Web v4 SDK
    • Duo Security activation for logged-in system administrator
    • Two-factor authentication with Universal Prompt
  • [noVNC Proxy - IPMI Integration v1.5.0 Extension] - Added new launching mechanism for noVNC session with proxy:
    • Integration with the main EasyDCIM domain and the base SSL certificate
    • Implemented session proxy mechanism for Apache2
    • Implemented Websockify version 0.11.0
  • [Settings - API Allowed IP Addresses] - "System Access" section in the global system settings now includes an option to define IP addresses for which the API section will be available


  • [Send Login & Send Password - IPMI Integration v1.5.0 Extension] - Enhanced functionality of the "Send Login" and "Send Password" buttons in a noVNC session, ensuring the data is accurately transmitted to the forms if the IPMI operator account exists
  • [Settings - Website Base URL] - Enhanced mechanism of defining the main system domain with a single field used to define the EasyDCIM IP address or domain
  • [Global Settings - Usage Collector v1.3.2 Extension] - All settings for "Power Usage" and "Traffic Aggregation" can now be configured globally at the module level
  • [Traffic Aggregation Ports Management - Usage Collector v1.3.2 Extension] - There is now an option to disable network ports when IN, OUT or IN+OUT limits are reached
  • [Client Area - Single Power Outlet Usage] - The collocation view in the client area will now show power outlets and power usage for given time interval
  • [System Jobs - Refresh Status] - The status of ongoing system jobs will now refresh automatically

Bug Fixes:

  • [Detect Hardware - OS Installation v2.0.5 Extension] - NVMe drives and their size in GB will be now detected correctly
  • [Orders - Terminate Action] - The "Terminate" action has been readjusted and will no longer permit repeated execution

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Version 1.9.8

Nov 23, 2023

New Features:

  • [Proxmox VE 8.X System Template - OS Installation v2.0.4 Extension] - Automatic installation of the Proxmox VE 8.X operating system has been introduced:
    • Time zone configuration
    • Language configuration
    • Disk partitioning
    • Creating user accounts and setting up the root password
    • Configuration of network interfaces
    • Installation of additional system packages
    • Post-installation scripts installation
    • First boot scripts installation
  • [Clients - Account Merging] - You can now merge two clients' accounts into one, together with transferring all associated data to the target account
  • [System - Power Usage Units] - The option to choose power usage display units with automatic conversion of Amps to kVA for:
    • PDU Power Usage and Outlet Power Usage graphs
    • Statistics on the total power usage for locations, floors and racks
  • [Ordering Process - OS Installation v2.0.4 Extension] - A new functionality to select installation addons and specify hard disk partitioning when placing the order
  • [Connections - Data & Power Ports] - A new form to establish connections between network ports and power ports has been added:
    • Network and power devices are now searched for more accurately
    • The list of network and power ports available to assign is dynamically generated
  • [API - System Health] - A new method of displaying the status of EasyDCIM services with details on:
    • Remote agents and communication status
    • WWW server
    • Database
    • Event queuing system
    • Local SSH connection


  • [Remote Agents - SSL Communication] - Added option to enable encrypted communication between remote agents and EasyDCIM
  • [Parts - Mass Unassign] - Added option to unassign spare parts from the device in bulk
  • [Locations - Change Floor Size] - Added possibility to change the size of a grid with the view of the floor within a location
  • [Orders - Confirmation Popup] - A new mechanism confirming the execution of order actions: Reject, Activate, Suspend, Unsuspend and Terminate
  • [Installer & Updater] - The default memory limit for PHP processes has been increased
  • [Devices - MAC Address Validation] - Enhanced validation of the MAC Address metadata
  • [Devices - MAC Address Search] - Improved mechanism for searching devices based on MAC addresses assigned to network ports

Bug Fixes:

  • [Restricted "Root" Name - OS Installation v2.0.4 Extension] - The installation is correctly blocked in case a restricted name for the "root" account is used
  • [Devices - Monthly Traffic History] - The data on transfer consumption history for a specific device is now displayed correctly

Version 1.9.7

Sep 26, 2023

New Features:

  • [User Synchronization - LDAP Authentication v1.0.0 Extension] - A new extension enabling the integration of EasyDCIM with LDAP directory services for the automatic synchronization of users:
    • Supported directory services:
      • FreeIPA
      • Microsoft Active Directory
      • OpenLDAP
    • Automatic synchronization process based on email address
    • Additional synchronization of user attributes such as username, first name, last name, company name
    • Management of synchronization servers:
      • Creating, editing, and deleting synchronization servers
      • Testing the connection
      • Automatic updates of synchronization server status
      • Mapping LDAP user groups to EasyDCIM user groups
      • Time interval configuration for automatic user synchronization
    • List of ongoing and completed synchronization processes along with system logs
    • List of users successfully synchronized from LDAP
    • System notifications regarding the connection with LDAP servers and user synchronization processes
  • [Debian 12 "Bookworm" System Template - OS Installation v2.0.3 Extension] - Automatic installation of the Debian 12 "Bookworm" operating system has been introduced:
    • Time zone configuration
    • Language configuration
    • Disk partitioning
    • Creating user accounts and setting up the root password
    • Configuration of network interfaces
    • Installation of additional system packages
    • Post-installation scripts installation
    • First boot scripts installation
  • [Remote Agent - Custom Polling & Provisioning Configuration] - The option to specify a provisioning server and a remote agent assigned to polling and discovery tasks for a particular device
  • [Devices Management - Mass Server Power Control] - A new functionality enabling the bulk action of powering on and off multiple dedicated servers at once has been implemented into the Servers table
  • [Orders - Replacing Asset] - You can now replace a dedicated server assigned to an active order without its prior termination
  • [Orders - Unassigning Device Parts] - It is now possible to automatically unassign server parts during the action of terminating an order
  • [SmartPDU Driver - PDU Management v1.2.5 Extension] - Added support for SmartPDU devices:
    • Auto-Discovery - Device detection via SNMP protocol and retrieval of data such as model, label and manufacturer
    • Outlet Detection - Detection of power outlets with their current status
    • Device Power Usage - Detection of the current power consumption for the entire device with generation of a summary consumption graph


  • [Inventory - IPMI IP Address & SNMP IP Address Validation] - To avoid data duplication, validation has been added for the IPMI IP Address and SNMP IP Address fields in the IPMI Settings and SNMP Settings tabs located in the device editing form
  • [System Reinstallation - OS Installation v2.0.3 Extension] - Dynamic generation of Username, Password and Root Password fields depending on the operating system family (Linux or Windows)
  • [Traffic Aggregation - 95th Percentile] - A new dataset presenting the 95th percentile has been added to the ChartsJS traffic graphs


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