Complete WHMCS Integration

Integration with WHMCS is secured by two standalone modules developed in cooperation with ModulesGarden: EasyDCIM Dedicated Servers For WHMCS and EasyDCIM Colocation For WHMCS. Both are equally intuitive in use and offered completely free of any extra charge. While the first addon enables end-to-end provisioning and management of dedicated servers, the second one is designed for all colocation service providers seeking full automation with power outlets control. But probably the most convenient part about both integration modules is the billing flexibility they bring to the table, letting you charge clients for either the total data transfer consumption or using the 95th percentile method.

Functional API

Using some other billing system than WHMCS? Not a problem! Thanks to the built-in API, supplemented by a comprehensive documentation, you can establish a sure-fire integration with your favorite billing platform within a few moments. Plus, using the equally handy ACL mechanism you can control access rights to specific API sections and make your application doubly secure.

Orders Automation

Order placement is one of the most important and multistep processes in the data center lifecycle. But who said you have to go through it alone? Chill out and let EasyDCIM take care of the heavy lifting - from creation of a new customer account and order acceptance, through automatic assignment of the most suiting device, to the installation of OS and any additional software. Sounds too good to be true? Oh, let us then add that all your customers will need to do before getting right into work on their newly supplied server is settling the payment!

Servers Reselling

With the combined powers of EasyDCIM and WHMCS you can turn your business into a real money spinner. Empower your resellers to automate server provisioning and let them offer your services with a simple API integration or directly through their own WHMCS platforms. Not in the loop yet? Nothing easier. Check out the Products Reseller For WHMCS module created in cooperation with ModulesGarden and make the next move to supercharge your business outcome.

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Dedicated Servers Billing

EasyDCIM allows you to charge clients for the offered servers in two different ways - based on the total traffic or through the 95th percentile method. What is more, the information about transfer usage is collected automatically and directly from all network devices at specified intervals, which guarantees 100% accuracy and reliability of the results provided.

Colocation Services Billing

Just like in case of dedicated servers, colocation services can also be billed in two distinct manners - relying on either total data transfer consumption or the 95th percentile calculation. In addition, you may choose to set charges for total power consumption from all PDU devices assigned to a given colocation service. While the data collected is expressed in Amps by default, you may freely convert these values to other units that you feel more familiar with whenever necessary.

Seamless HostBill Integration

With HostBill by your side, you can benefit from the built-in integration to sail through the usual billing routines, and keep your eyes on the prize: nurturing the growth of your data center. With a couple of specialized modules at your disposal, automation becomes your secret weapon in everyday management of dedicated servers and colocation services, bringing untold comfort to your clients with lightning-fast provisioning, all while you enjoy the luxury of a stress-free administrative workflow.


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