Automatic Server Provisioning

End-to-end dedicated servers provisioning seems like a complex and lengthy task. But not any more! From assigning the most suiting machine after order acceptance to the installation of a desired operating system and complete configuration of network interfaces - EasyDCIM will get you through all server offering stages with its automation magic in a flash!

Unattended OS Installation

Is manual OS installation on each and every server separately giving you a headache? We have found just the perfect remedy for that. Sit back comfortably and watch as EasyDCIM installs the chosen operating systems from the Linux and Windows family on as many dedicated servers within your data center as you need, simultaneously and without your further supervision. Plus, whenever you need to add some additional software once the OS has been successfully set up, post-installation scripts will take good care of that in your stead. One click and you are just a few moments away from offering your clients machines suited to their liking and fully ready to work with. Simple as that!

Complete Server Lifecycle Automation

How much can you automate the entire server lifecycle? EasyDCIM crosses every border to let you offer neatly personalized machines to your audience with as little participation on your part as possible. After the client narrows down such key server parameters as desired location, model and device parts, EasyDCIM will instantly search out the most accurately matching dedicated server currently available and assign it to the customer without your extra intervention. Once the service has been successfully delivered, EasyDCIM will take off your mind the one final concern - customer billing, offering the choice between charges based on total data consumption or the 95th percentile method.

Network Auto-Discovering

Adding servers and network devices to a DCIM system may not be at the top of data center owners’ most favorite things to do. But EasyDCIM will surely make it less of a laborious process and more of an effortless daily task that you can perform on the fly. Just enter the subnet address, provide the SNMP or Redfish protocol connection details and voila - EasyDCIM will automatically detect and add all devices operating within the given subnet before you take your first sip of coffee.

Automatic Polling & Usage Collecting

Reliable data collection mechanism is one of the cornerstones of a well-prospering data center business. With EasyDCIM it becomes also time-efficient since you do not need to look up the transfer usage of a given device over and over again, but simply define precise bandwidth limits based on the automatic pooling process. On top of that, EasyDCIM has been equipped with a handy Traffic Aggregation section which allows you to momentarily view the combined traffic from multiple network interfaces at once.


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