Unlimited Distribution Network

In close collaboration with ModulesGarden, a feature-rich module has been developed with full EasyDCIM integration at its core to help you build up a well-oiled provisioning powerhouse. Rings a bell yet? Products Reseller For WHMCS will support you every step of the way to grow a scalable reseller base and keep track of your multiplied revenue streams - with all essential processes neatly automated, and taking place right in the familiar confines of your WHMCS system. Seems too good to be true? Well, just see for yourself then.

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Complete Management of Resellers

It's not too hard to feel overwhelmed when you are responsible for not one but a whole network of resellers - that is, of course, unless you let yourself be guided by Products Reseller For WHMCS. From creating as many unique groups of resellers as it feels right for your business, to tailoring each such group individually in terms of servers for sale and custom pricing rates, everything will quickly fall into place with the help of this rich and varied toolkit.

Revenue Tracking and Analysis

Studies show that our brains process visual content 60,000 times faster than text. Now add to the equation your daily ritual of monitoring how well your resellers are doing sales-wise, which is essential for your business growth, and we bet you will see clearly why Products Reseller For WHMCS has been equipped with a couple of modern-looking graphs on the income earned. The crème de la crème of your resellers along with the latest invoices have been systematized on your Dashboard into well-ordered, dynamic lists.

Prepaid Billing Model

Another interesting bit of nuance is that all transactions taking place between you and each of your resellers are handled instantly through their previously supplied credit balance. What is more, to get you on top of your finances, the sales data stored in WHMCS is kept in real-time sync with EasyDCIM. This means you can immediately trace every purchase generated by your resellers no matter which platform you are using at the time.

Dedicated API and WHMCS Integration

The benefits of API are manifold, but the priority is that it increases engagement and allows you to build a borderless ecosystem of resellers around your data center. Having a well-documented and thought-out API at hand essentially means that your resellers can seamlessly introduce your server offerings to their own marketplace, be it via WHMCS, HostBill, Blesta or absolutely any other platform. The integration modules generated for this purpose reduce to almost zero the amount of time and effort you would otherwise spend on sharing the provisioning and management tools with each of your resellers individually. And to ratchet the whole process up another notch, you will gain access to the full-featured WHMCS submodule ready to be shared immediately with those from your resellers who just like you use WHMCS.

Reseller Area

By making sure your resellers are fully clued up and well equipped on all fronts, you put a central focus on their active participation. They will feel valued as your partners and in turn reward your business with productivity, loyalty and dedication. And what better way to establish that kind of synergy than by empowering your resellers with unlimited access to API, documented from A to Z in a clear and coherent fashion, directly in your WHMCS? As an added benefit, the Reseller Area puts together all crucial pieces of information, such as the list of orders and pricing rates, so that every key ingredient of the reselling experience can be looked into and handled with equal ease.

End Client Area

For your reselling empire to forge ahead, you should go the extra mile to ensure the finest service also for the final link in the provisioning chain. That’s why, with Products Reseller For WHMCS, end customers will get to manage their EasyDCIM servers in the comfort of the reseller’s system rather than switch back and forth between multiple open pages. In addition to such essential actions as boot, reboot or shutdown, they will gain access to dynamic graphs that visualize shifts in aggregate traffic within any specified period of time. That’s how you inspire brand loyalty and capitalize on innovation across your entire business!


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