LDAP Authentication For EasyDCIM offers seamless integration with the most popular LDAP directory services, including Microsoft Active Directory and OpenLDAP, to enable automatic synchronization of users and administrators into the EasyDCIM platform.

With this extension, you can easily create and manage synchronization servers to establish connections with directory services. You will have the flexibility to test server connections and view their status, which is automatically updated for real-time insight. Among essential server details to configure, you will have the option to choose the preferred search bases and directory service groups that you wish to synchronize with EasyDCIM. Moreover, you can add synchronization jobs and define the exact intervals for the process to repeat, ensuring synchronization runs according to your organizational requirements. Additionally, the extension grants you access to a complete list of synchronizations, along with detailed logs for easy monitoring of past activity.

Embrace a hassle-free login experience with LDAP Authentication For EasyDCIM. Order the extension today to simplify your data center infrastructure, streamline user management, and elevate security levels.


  • Create/Delete Synchronization Servers
  • Test Connection For Synchronization Servers
  • List Synchronization Servers With Connection Status
  • Automatic Connection Status Update For Synchronization Servers
  • Edit Synchronization Server Connection Data
  • Choose Search Bases For Each Synchronization Server
  • Choose Directory Service Groups To Synchronize Users With EasyDCIM
  • View Synchronized Users List
  • Manage Password Synchronization Settings
  • Add Synchronization Jobs For Each Synchronization Server
  • Define Automatic Synchronization Interval For Each Synchronization Server
  • View Synchronization Status
  • View Synchronizations List
  • View/Delete Synchronizations Records
  • View Detailed Synchronizations Logs
  • FreeIPA
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • OpenLDAP


Sep 26, 2023
Version 1.0.0
  • Stable Version


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