Password Management For EasyDCIM will help you securely store an unlimited amount of confidential access data associated with your chosen devices.

Our extension employs advanced two-way encryption mechanisms to ensure the utmost security of your information. Moreover, it enables easy storage of both public and private SSH keys.

Shield your sensitive data and simplify your daily workflows with Password Management For EasyDCIM.


  • Quick Access From The Client Area And Chosen Devices
  • High Level Of Security With Advanced Two-Way Encryption Based On Secret Key
  • Support For Public And Private SSH Keys
  • Dedicated API For Password Management - Create/Assign/Edit/Delete/List


Apr 26, 2018
Version 1.1.0
New Features:
  • [Assign Access Details] - Added capability to create and assign new passwords straight from the device view
  • [API] - It is now possible to create, assign, edit, delete and list passwords
  • [Device Passwords] - Optimized display of passwords assigned to the devices and added capability to sort passwords
  • [Filtering] - A few novel filters in the Access List including Owner, Device, Name, Username, Website, Login, and URL
  • [UI] - Minor adjustments to the user interface and enhanced user experience
Jun 25, 2015
Version 1.0.0
  • Stable Version


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