IPMI Integration For EasyDCIM allows you to oversee and control any server configured within our platform via the IPMI and Redfish protocols. It extends authorization to both administrators and clients, granting remote access to the physical server layer, regardless of the operating system's status.

Our product goes further by offering support for IPMI Proxy, providing an added layer of security against unauthorized access attempts. It also supplies you with the ability to manage server power and track the platform event log.

Secure your peace of mind by ordering IPMI Integration For EasyDCIM today. No matter where you are or what you're doing, you'll always have the power to check on your servers and make necessary adjustments on the fly.


  • Control Servers Remotely – Power On/Power Off/Reset
  • Configure IPMI Proxy
  • Access Remote KVM Console
  • Access Remote noVNC Console
  • View System Event Logs
  • Overview Device Summary
  • Check Detailed Information About BMC Plate
  • Manage Access Permissions For Administrators
  • AMI
  • ASRockRack
  • Ast2300
  • Ast2050
  • Dell Drac 9
  • Dell Drac 8
  • Dell Drac 7
  • Dell Drac 6
  • Dell Drac 5
  • Dell Drac 2
  • Dell Drac 1
  • HP iLO 5
  • HP iLO 4
  • HP iLO 3
  • Huawei iBMC 5
  • Inspur
  • Lenovo ThinkSystem (TSM)
  • Quanta BMC
  • Supermicro
  • Dell iDRAC 9
  • AMI
  • Dell iDRAC
  • HP iLO
  • Supermicro


Jan 23, 2024
Version 1.5.0
New Features:
  • [Redfish Protocol Integration] - Support for server auto discovering with Redfish v1 has been introduced:
    • Supported server providers:
      • Supermicro
      • Dell iDrac
      • AMI
      • HP iLO
    • Automatic detection of basic server information: label, service tag, serial number, model, manufacturer, description, BIOS version
    • Automatic detection of server hardware:
      • [Processors] - model, name, cores
      • [RAM] - model, label, serial numbers, memory size in GB
      • [HDD and SSD drives] - model, manufacturer, serial numbers, description, memory size in GB
      • [Network interfaces] - description, MAC address, name, operational and administrative state of a port
    • Automatic determination of server on/off status
    • Remote server control with "powerOn", "powerOff" and "powerCycle" actions
    • Auto discovering for both single IP addresses and whole subnets in CIDR format
  • [noVNC Proxy] - Added new launching mechanism for noVNC session with proxy:
    • Integration with the main EasyDCIM domain and the base SSL certificate
    • Implemented session proxy mechanism for Apache2
    • Implemented Websockify version 0.11.0
  • [Send Login & Send Password] - Enhanced functionality of the "Send Login" and "Send Password" buttons in a noVNC session, ensuring the data is accurately transmitted to the forms if the IPMI operator account exists
Jun 14, 2023
Version 1.4.6
New Features:
  • [iDRAC9 HTML5 Console] - Added HTML5 console support for Dell iDRAC9 servers in a noVNC session
Bug Fixes:
  • [HP iLO5 KVM] - Improved mechanism for downloading the JAVA applet for newer versions of HP iLO5 firmware
Mar 23, 2023
Version 1.4.5
  • [noVNC Console] - The launching of noVNC sessions has been rebuilt and is now handled by the Docker engine and appropriate containers
  • [Proxy Installer] - The IPMI Proxy installer for the remote agent has been improved to install the required Docker packages
Sep 28, 2022
Version 1.4.4
New Features:
  • [Console Drivers] - Added new JAVA KVM console drivers for:
    • Huawei iBMC 5 devices
    • Inspur devices
Apr 26, 2022
Version 1.4.3
  • [API] - Added option to download the list of IPMI sensors and users from the API level
  • [noVNC Sessions] - Updated Websockify library to version 0.10.0 used during noVNC sessions
Oct 20, 2021
Version 1.4.2
New Features:
  • [New Console Drivers] - Added new JAVA KVM console drivers:
    • HP iLO 5 devices
    • Lenovo ThinkSystem devices
Jul 26, 2021
Version 1.4.1
New Features:
  • [KVM console] - KVM console support has been added to AST2300 devices
  • [JNPL Files] - Added correct file associations for JAVA JNLP applets
Apr 27, 2021
Version 1.4.0
New Features:
  • [IPMI Proxy] - Added IPMI proxy servers based on the remote agents with the possibility to create noVNC session:
    • Configuration of the proxy server that works with the remote agent
    • Dedicated installator of packages required for the proxy server to work
    • KVM console's JAVA applets downloaded on the remote agent server
    • Three predefined JAVA versions: jdk1.7.0_80, jdk1.8.0_121, jre1.8.0_251
    • Option to change the JAVA version in the proxy server configuration
    • Disabled notifications on the outdated JAVA version installed on the proxy server
    • JAVA exceptions automatically added to single noVNC sessions
Feb 25, 2021
Version 1.3.1
New Features:
  • [Dell C6100 KVM] - Added KVM console support for Dell PowerEdge C6100 devices
  • [Dell C6220 KVM] - Added KVM console support for Dell PowerEdge C6220 devices
Dec 10, 2019
Version 1.3.0
New Features:
  • [ASRock Rack KVM] - A new driver to the KVM console has been added:
    • ASRock Rack IPMI JAVA Console
    • ASRock Rack IPMI noVNC KVM Console
Oct 09, 2018
Version 1.2.0
New Features:
  • [IPMI Proxy] - Configure servers that will serve as proxy servers for IPMI commands and KVM console:
    • Support for servers with the following systems installed: Debian 9 "Stretch", Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver)
    • Define a proxy server for all devices in one location or for each device separately
    • Automatically install required system packages on a proxy server directly in EasyDCIM
    • Introduced websocket integration with noVNC
    • Connect with a proxy server using an SSH password or a private key
    • Two inbuilt proxy types allowing to:
      • Automatically download JAVA applet and run it in a secure environment
      • Automatically start a default IPMI panel of a device
  • Automatically close the VNC session after a defined time interval
  • Start the VNC session using an API command
  • [Credentials] - IPMI password is now hidden on the configuration form
May 04, 2016
Version 1.1.0
  • Core
  • Functionalities
  • Interface
Jun 25, 2015
Version 1.0.0
  • Stable Version


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