Adding New PDU

Discover Device

PDUs are equipped with SNMP protocol support. If you wish to add a network device to EasyDCIM control panel, you can easily do this using the Discover Device form.

The Discover Device form allows you to add a network device based on access data of the SNMP protocol. The discovering option is especially useful in case of the PDU devices because it automatically detects and adds the device’s power outlets to EasyDCIM. To access this form, navigate to the side menu and go to Devices → Auto Discovering.

PDU Devices: Auto Discovering - EasyDCIM Documentation

Firstly, you can specify SNMP access data and select a remote agent:

  • Remote Agent - a remote agent responsible for connecting to SNMP
  • Hostname, IP Address or CIDR Subnet - an IP address, a hostname, or a subnet address in the CIDR format
  • For SNMP version 1 or SNMP version 2:
    • SNMP Public Community - a public SNMP community that should have read-only rights. Used in the process of retrieving data from SNMP.
    • SNMP Private Community - a private SNMP community that should have write rights. Used in processes such as disabling and enabling network ports as well as power outlets.
  • For SNMP version 3:
    • Security Name, SNMPv3 Security Level, SNMPv3 Authentication Protocol, SNMPv3 Authentication Pass Phrase, SNMPv3 Privacy Protocol, SNMPv3 Privacy Pass Phrase - these are dedicated fields for the SNMP version 3 configuration and they should be completed according to your device’s SNMP settings.

When the SNMP connection is established successfully, the PDU will be added to EasyDCIM. Next, EasyDCIM will automatically perform advanced discovering of this device in the background.