Power Ports

The Power Ports section allows you to assign power outlets to colocation. These can only be power outlets for PDU devices.

Assign power device form

To assign outlets to colocation, go to the “Power” section and then select “Assign Power Device” from the menu. In the form, you need to select the device from which the outlets come from, and then from the drop-down list in the “Selected Ports” field, specify the outlets that you want to assign to the colocation. You can also select “All Ports” in the drop-down list, in this case, all the outlets of the above device will be assigned to the colocation.

Unassign power port

In order to unassign the power outlets from the colocation, use the “Unassign” action available in the actions menu. Then, you will unassign individual outlets from the colocation. You can also unassign all of the power outlets from colocation. To do this, select the “Unassign All Power Ports” option from the menu.

Power usage

The Power Usage section shows the power consumption for the PDU device that has been previously assigned to the colocation in the “Power” section. Most PDUs do not allow to collect the data on power consumption for individual outlets, therefore this section shows the power consumption for the entire PDU.