EasyDCIM began with a simple premise: to reconstruct what has long appeared as an industry standard for data center management. With each passing year, we evolved, fueled by a blend of the latest technologies and customer feedback. Today, as we are about to proudly enter the monumental chapter of 10 years filled with professional growth and success, we find it essential to reflect on the unique factors that allowed our platform to originate the new standard for DCIM.

EasyDCIM 10th Anniversary

The “THEN”

Let’s rewind the clock. The year 2014 sees ModulesGarden reaching the first of many accomplishments, with a team of nearly 40 talented individuals sharing an insatiable appetite for growth. It was in this vibrant atmosphere that we dared to venture into uncharted territory and establish a new brand – a decision that, as time has proven, would not be our last of its kind. Drawing heavily from the resources and expertise of ModulesGarden at early stages, especially in the context of the full-scale billing integration with WHMCS, EasyDCIM quickly became a self-sufficient branch of INBS.software.

Konrad Keck - EasyDCIM CEO & Founder

I remember it like it was yesterday. Ten years ago, there was a trend predicting that “dedicated servers will die” because of the large cloud hyper-scalers potentially taking over the entire market. We knew that dedicated servers had huge potential in terms of cost and performance, and that the cloud would never be able to compete on that level. In our opinion, the main problems were accessibility to the service and lack of automation. This is why we decided to build EasyDCIM – to make bare metal servers as simple for end customers as cloud services.

This move was bold, to say the least. Launching a new brand mixes in equal proportions the excitement, the long hours of hard work (especially with ModulesGarden expanding rapidly at the time), high hopes, and numerous challenges. However, we succeeded. Over the years, we have grown consistently and strategically, shaping EasyDCIM based on regular updates that represent a combination of our own vision for enhancing DCIM and our clients’ wishes.

If we were to identify the most groundbreaking releases so far, the following would surely be on the list:

  • Version 1.5.0:
    Built-in OS installer – Automatic installation of multiple systems from the Linux and Windows families.
  • Version 1.5.2:
    IPMI Proxy and noVNC console integration.
  • Version 1.6.0:
    A dispersed architecture model based on remote agents.
  • Version 1.8.0:
    Visualization of locations, floors, and rack cabinets – featuring the world map, multiple graphs, and the building’s 2D view.
  • Version 1.9.2:
    Quick Configuration Wizard – Basic setup of EasyDCIM in six simple steps.

With EasyDCIM showing absolutely no signs of slowing down, we understood that our website had to undergo a similar transformation to stay current and maintain the platform’s modern appeal. In 2023, every single part of the website, from the Client Area to the Documentation and Blog, was rebuilt from the ground up with a focused agenda: to provide smoother navigation, richer resources, and an overall enhanced user experience. All to ensure you get the best out of EasyDCIM.

EasyDCIM Website - Then and Now

The “NOW”

Fast forward to the present, and our ethos remains unchanged: prioritize product quality over flashy marketing campaigns. After all, this project has never meant to be about chasing easy gains but about finding a long-term response to an authentic need and the lack of a suitable solution for ourselves and our existing clients. We continue to invest almost all our time, energy, and commitment into the platform itself. This approach extends to supporting various server hardware and software vendors.

Konrad Keck - EasyDCIM CEO & Founder

It turns out we were right. EasyDCIM has proven to be a successful project, helping hundreds of businesses and making a difference in our industry. The platform has now reached a high level of maturity and stability, though we continually find ways to optimize it, both in terms of the application’s UI/UX and system requirements. Our goal is to keep EasyDCIM always up-to-date and built on the latest proven solutions, thus the latest version includes full support for Debian 12.

After a decade, we are confident that a truly good product stands on its own merit, and that’s where we focus our efforts. Our customer churn is virtually non-existent – once someone tries EasyDCIM, they stay with us for years. This philosophy has also brought us some impressive milestones:

  • 500,000 servers and network devices around the globe are managed with EasyDCIM – and the count keeps rising!
  • 150+ countries are home to our clients who have already experienced the benefits of using EasyDCIM, and the platform is set to reach even more!


Another major factor that keeps us motivated is that our schedule never lacks new feature ideas for EasyDCIM’s future development. With our vast experience and thorough understanding of the web hosting sector, we have a clear vision of our path forward. We are continuously innovating and expanding our control panel to meet the evolving needs and requirements of our community.

Konrad Keck - EasyDCIM CEO & Founder

Our next objective is to expand EasyDCIM for more use cases, responding to the high demand for reliable automation solutions in different industries. That’s all I can reveal at the moment 😉

From day one, this experience has been nothing short of valuable and rewarding. What began as a spark of inspiration has ignited a revolution in data center management. We stand tall, not just because of our passion, but because of the profound impact EasyDCIM keeps on having on real companies like Colohouse, DigitalServers, and countless others – industry giants and up-and-coming players alike.

10th Anniversary Promotion - EasyDCIM

Today, as we embark on this next chapter, we would like to thank you, our dearest customers, for being a vital part of our decade-old story. Without your invaluable input and encouragement, reaching this significant milestone would have remained far out of reach. And to celebrate our ever-growing community, we are now equipping every single order placed up until 31st July, 2024 – covering whatever plan and pricing period you choose – with a special 25% discount!

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Together, let’s shape the future of data center management – one innovation at a time!

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