In today’s fiercely competitive industry, merely opening a data center is just a small piece of the puzzle when it comes to establishing your brand and achieving success. To stand a chance, you need to surround yourself with an impeccably robust toolkit and continually explore new ways for expanding your business. The challenge lies in navigating the market’s countless product options, which – however wonderful they may be – is likely to leave you with a headache. How do you avoid getting lost in the maze of software solutions, each tailored to a different facet of your growing data center? Case Study - Nizamuddin Khawaja - EasyDCIM

This brings us to Intellectica Systems Inc., widely known by its trade name – an enterprise that began their operational activity in 2008. Since then they have been making their mark by providing clients with different types of tailor-made hosting solutions. Aiming to uncover their success story, we asked Nizamuddin Khawaja, Director at, to what extent EasyDCIM has helped shape their current business landscape.

Looking for the tool that lets you have it all

As Nizamuddin points out, the company’s major focus from the start was on finding a tool that would facilitate the management of their data center infrastructure, lifting the burden of relying on various systems delivered by multiple vendors. And this was by no means an easy task, given the numerous processes encompassed by the definition of management in this industry context, and considering how essential it was to ensure these tasks were performed smoothly, efficiently, and in a maximally automated manner.

When asked about the reasons for adopting EasyDCIM, Nizamuddin didn’t hesitate to list all aspects he wanted covered with the help of just one comprehensive and unified solution:

“Since the beginning we always looked for an all-in-one solution that could do automated OS installation, inventory management, IP management, bandwidth pooling from switches and KVM over IP access to clients over private IP’s.”

The swift acknowledgment of the direction in which the company’s strategy should evolve left no space for hesitation about the next move. Instead of juggling various software tools operating independently from one another, decided to go for an option that paved the path for streamlined management of numerous processes within the confines of one powerful system. As Nizamuddin eagerly admits, after adopting EasyDCIM as the company’s new platform, “everything worked like a charm from one panel”.

EasyDCIM as a game-changer

There are probably few things that frustrate server providers more than tediousness of day-to-day chores, repeatedly requiring a great deal of time, energy and effort that could otherwise be channeled to creating new opportunities for propelling the company’s growth. EasyDCIM basically grew out of our urgent desire to end the era of lengthy processes and laborious rituals that could not be conducted without more or less frequent human intervention. Our goal was to enrich our customers’ digital equipment with a panel that helps administer everyday tasks in the most automated and hassle-free manner possible.

Observing the increasing interest in the possibility of integrating EasyDCIM with WHMCS, a widely used billing and automation platform, we soon embarked on a mission to join forces with experts from ModulesGarden. This partnership resulted in crafting two free-of-charge, highly intuitive modules – EasyDCIM Dedicated Servers For WHMCS and EasyDCIM Colocation For WHMCS, both instrumental in bringing much-desired billing flexibility and significantly enhancing the user experience.

Look at how Nizamuddin Khawaja encapsulates the outcome of our successful undertaking:

“EasyDCIM together with WHMCS helped us to lower our technicians’ time and efforts that they used to put in to get a new customer onboard or to add new services to an existing client’s account.
With EasyDCIM and WHMCS integration clients get all needed features from a single panel.”

When nudged gently about his favorite benefit of using EasyDCIM, he replies confidently:

“Best feature of EasyDCIM is order placement from WHMCS and automated provisioning of servers including OS installation and new server info email that is sent to clients.”

Thinking about future chapters…

Although things are going well and promising for Nizamuddin’s company, their growth strategy does not include staying too long in the comfort zone outlined by current triumphs. Every serious enterprise always strives for more, and so does

Currently, the company provides servers to clients from Amsterdam, Dallas and Las Vegas, however, an integral part of their development plan is to expand their reach to such locations as India, Dubai and Helsinki. Ambitious as it all sounds, we have absolutely no doubt this mission will be accomplished.

Encouraged by Nizamuddin’s account of his experience with EasyDCIM, we couldn’t help but ask him whether he would recommend our solution to other companies. His immediate positive answer brought smiles to our faces and made us feel a fresh surge of excitement for future development of the control panel. There are always new goals emerging, and we are thrilled to persistently work toward them.

Enticed by the concept of joining the EasyDCIM community? Feel invited to do so and see for yourself how our platform can help your business thrive!

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