EasyDCIM Modules

IP Address Management For EasyDCIM - Module

IP Address Management For EasyDCIM

Automate IP addresses processing and management. With the help of our module, you will be also able to control and assign IP pools during a server creation process.

$49.00 /mo

Switch Management For EasyDCIM - Module

Switch Management For EasyDCIM

Introduce complete management and automation of your switches. The module will also let you control switch ports remotely and display detailed information about devices.

$19.00 /mo

PDU Management For EasyDCIM - Module

PDU Management For EasyDCIM

Take advantage of the management tool for PDU devices to remotely control power outlets as well as monitor power usage statistics.

$29.00 /mo

Advanced Monitoring For EasyDCIM - Module

Advanced Monitoring For EasyDCIM

Define and handle complex system monitors for your entire inventory to supervise the condition of your data center infrastructure and react instantly to any potential risks.

$49.00 /mo

DNS Management For EasyDCIM - Module

DNS Management For EasyDCIM

Manage DNS zones, rDNS and templates on your servers. Our module will let you create, edit and remove all kinds of records from both the admin and the client area.

$19.00 /mo

Password Management For EasyDCIM - Module

Password Management For EasyDCIM

Store any amount of confidential access data connected with chosen devices in an entirely secure and convenient way.

$19.00 /mo

OS Installation For EasyDCIM - Module

OS Installation For EasyDCIM

Install and customize multiple operating systems on your dedicated servers simultaneously and in a fully automated manner with Remote and NOC-PS provisioning modules.

IPMI Integration For EasyDCIM - Module

IPMI Integration For EasyDCIM

Maintain remote control over any servers configured through the IPMI protocol. You will be able to manage your servers' power, read data from their sensors and much more.

Usage Collector For EasyDCIM - Module

Usage Collector For EasyDCIM

Automatically gather information from servers that belong to your clients. Collected data can be then used for various billing and statistical purposes.

Two-Factor Auth For EasyDCIM - Module

Two-Factor Auth For EasyDCIM

Introduce an additional security layer to your system. Protect your data center with our module by requiring clients and team members to provide a second factor token during the authorization process.

EasyDCIM Dedicated Servers For WHMCS - Module

Dedicated Servers For WHMCS

Provision and manage dedicated servers through your WHMCS. Automate delivery and handling of flexible products. Empower your clients to oversee ordered servers remotely. The module is powered by ModulesGarden.

EasyDCIM Colocation For WHMCS - Module

Colocation For WHMCS

Automate the provisioning of colocation services via WHMCS system. Enable your customers to remotely control power outlets, traffic and power consumption, plus bill them according to used resources. The module is powered by ModulesGarden.

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