We are happy to announce another milestone in our system for automated data center management. In this very release we would like to redefine the word automated as we are introducing a brand new, completely automated server provisioning flow. Our goal is to streamline the entire process from the moment of order to delivery of fully operational product to your customers. How have we achieved that?

We released EasyDCIM v1.2.0 Beta! The latest version of our control panel has been enriched with OS Installation module which was the kind of a missing element in the whole provisioning puzzle. Technically, the module is based on NOC-PS submodule and in brief, will install automatically or manually required operating systems on servers you control or deliver to your clients. This process fills the automation gap from A to Z:

Ordering → Matching Server → Turning Server ON → OS Auto Installation
→ Monitoring & Management → Resource Usage Billing

From now on you will be able to integrate with your favorite billing platform or use our inbuilt WHMCS integration to enable your customer to order and customize servers directly from your website. Afterwards, EasyDCIM will match a server in your data center to the preferences of your customer, turn it on automatically, install chosen during order operating system, assign subnet to server with IP Address Management and provision ready to action machine directly to your client. And that is just the beginning! Now, our complex monitoring and management mechanisms step into action providing you with a toolkit to control the machine, and your customer with a convenient panel to manage their server remotely. Meanwhile, the integration with a billing software assures precise server resource usage billing.

We should not forget that this is just one of the possible scenarios. EasyDCIM will readily fit into many other usage concepts and of course serve you as an unprecedented manager of your data centers from a single part, through servers, complete racks, whole buildings up to different locations worldwide.

Speaking of version 1.2.0 we cannot miss new Traffic Aggregation functionality allowing to combine traffic from multiple server ports connected to switch ports, or handy Troubleshooting Tool that will assist you in solving various issues. We have also released API v2.0 to enable you to exploit the integration possibilities of EasyDCIM to the max. In parallel, the system has undergone tons of major updates including improvements and bug fixes related to its nearly every aspect – from interface to core enhancements.

We are taking great heart from your comments to actively improve our system to meet your expectations. This is a beta version, and as always, we count on your feedback! We expect to release stable version in the second half of October. Please note that you may come across certain parts of our website or documentation which still require an update. We are working on these with full commitment to finalize this task within the upcoming days.

Last but not least, we are now entering a completely new phase of further EasyDCIM development. We will be releasing updates more frequently, including new modules, new features and some extras. Be sure to stay tuned for more info coming out soon!

Please be advised that due to a number of changes introduced in EasyDCIM v1.2.0, the assistance of our Team is necessary to update your current instance of the system. No to worry! We will gladly assist you all the way through, just let us know when you are ready to proceed either via an email or a ticket.

This time we will not indulge you with a teaser screenshot because every single aspect of the system has been redesigned in a great deal. Honestly, you have to see them all! Luckily for you, dozens of screenshots have been already updated on our website so you can check them out right away.

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… or simply proceed to our home page: https://www.easydcim.com

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