Cloud-Like Bare Metal Server Provisioning
EasyDCIM v1.5.3 with Remote DHCP Server & PXE Installation is out!

Supply your customers with dedicated servers ready to work in mere minutes.

Complete Solution For Data Center and Colocation Management

By revolutionizing and streamlining the entire server provisioning process together with providing complete management tools to your customers, EasyDCIM closes the gap between cloud and dedicated servers.


EasyDCIM will assign, turn on and set up each purchased bare metal server, plus install the operating system on the machine in a fully automatic manner.

Benefits: Your customers can start using the purchased server in just a few minutes after the order placing and manage it remotely from any connected device!


EasyDCIM will provide you with everything you need as an administrator to successfully manage dedicated servers and your entire data center.

Benefits: By using just a single tool to control your entire business and infrastructure, you will save a lot of time and hassle!


EasyDCIM features complete billing integration that will allow you to swiftly connect with any billing solution through a dedicated API.

Benefits: You will be able to automatically charge customers for the actual resource usage of your dedicated servers and colocation services!

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30 Days Money Back Guarantee!

Just give it a try. You are going to love EasyDCIM.

Personalized Customizations

Endless Possibilities Lie Within EasyDCIM


Complex and efficient way of extending the functionality of EasyDCIM. We can create any kind of module for you that can be installed and activated with just a couple of clicks.


Advanced customizations based on the API, enable you to introduce powerful integrations like external servers provisioning, remote modification of servers' parameters or remote power control of inventory.


Personalize EasyDCIM and adjust it to your needs with best ever widgets enabling you to watch all kinds of dynamically generated data in a freely chosen place of the system.


Regardless of whether it is just templates customization or advanced integration together with a complete design rebuilt, you will be greatly surprised by the final effect.

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