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Dedicated Servers & Colocation Providers - Rejoice!
EasyDCIM is Your Single Pane Of Glass For Service Automation & Delivery.

Dedicated Servers ("BareMetal") & Colocation Providers Have Historically Lacked Integrated, Seamless And Concise Management.

EasyDCIM enables data centers to control and track previous disparate or completely lacking systems as well as open that control
to their own customers which results in efficiency, convenience, cost savings and increased business valuations.

Inventory & Asset Management

Full lifecycle management of individual server components from purchase, warranty tracking, usage tracking and asset tracking with amortization of CapEx recapture.

Example: Input a new hard drive with serial number, purchase date & purchase cost. Then un/assign it to client servers and services throughout lifecycle. View CapEx recapture based on its cost and assigned service. If it dies, RMA it and replace it with manufacturer replacement drive and new serial number.

Servers & IP Address Management

Integrated Power Reboots (IPMI/PDU), Bandwidth Graphs, and IP Management enables both you and your customers easy service control. IP Pools allow per-server assignment via valid CIDR-block only to prevent broken and confusing IP assignments.

Example: You or your clients can view server bandwidth usage, reboot a server remotely or you can automatically suspend/activate network/power ports. IP Management allows you to create Master Pools for assignments, then choose a specific subnet size (/29, /26, etc) to break off and allocate to a server.

Servers Location Tracking

Track your equipment between geographic locations, data centers, racks and specific rack units with support for blade-type, multi-server, and single chassis servers. Monitor location tracking via listed text format or graphical rack view.

Example: Never suffer confusion resulting in the wrong server being reformatted, powered down, etc. You can track individual servers all the way down to individual rack units, network ports, power ports and view that info either in text format or as a visual representation of the rack.

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Personalized Customizations

Endless Possibilities Lie Within EasyDCIM


Complex and efficient way of extending the functionality of EasyDCIM. We can create any kind of module for you that can be installed and activated with just a couple of clicks.


Advanced customizations based on the API, enable you to introduce powerful integrations like external servers provisioning, remote modification of servers' parameters or remote power control of inventory.


Personalize EasyDCIM and adjust it to your needs with best ever widgets enabling you to watch all kinds of dynamically generated data in a freely chosen place of the system.


Regardless of whether it is just templates customization or advanced integration together with a complete design rebuilt, you will be greatly surprised by the final effect.

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