There is no more persuasive way to evaluate your product’s performance on the market that through the firsthand account from the people involved with it daily, is there? Not to mention that by sharing their thought-inspiring stories, we can encourage more and more business owners to take over the reins and improve the effectiveness of their strategies by leaps and bounds.

With this thought leading us, we have recently sat down to have a brief conversation with Vincentas Grinius – the Co-founder and CEO at Heficed – about the dynamics of modern data center architectures and how a robust automation strategy to manage them is critical to thrive and succeed.

Spoiler alert – our software threw its two cents of worth in there!

Heficed Case Study Vincentas Grinius - EasyDCIM


Today, Heficed is a top server infrastructure and IPv4 lease provider that boasts of having revolutionized the way companies and organizations order, deploy and manage IP addresses. But at the very beginning of their journey over 10 years ago, soon after stepping into the data center market, they quickly came to realize the volume of work they had to confront daily.

Vincentas himself admits that with such an extensive infrastructure covering 10 data centers globally come great demands. After having tried a few other solutions and combining them with excel sheets, he quickly had to face the reality:

“Most of the solutions we employed before EasyDCIM were really limited. We haven’t had hardware stock management. We processed OS installations manually. It was the primary reason we kept looking further and came across EasyDCIM which quickly appeared to fit our needs the most.”


From shared hosting provider, through cloud services, to finally arrive at the desired business profile – network engineering and IP management. Now, Heficed automates and speeds up the otherwise time-consuming manual process of managing the large volume of various IP addresses. It cannot go unnoticed that throughout the last year, the company’s growth started gathering speed and since we were really curious, we asked Vincentas whether the fact of deploying EasyDCIM three years ago had something to do with that.

“Of course, it helped us a lot. EasyDCIM is a great assistant in managing our hardware assets much more efficiently, and thanks to it we have finally started to provision OS installations automatically.”

Having a 360-degree view of the infrastructure at all times is actually the thing most of the companies we interviewed put in the spotlight. But even though, there is still one more thing that Vincentas pointed out as the one that proved of great value to him – statistics on server usage. Still, when we asked about which single chunk of EasyDCIM brought the biggest advantage to his business routine we got yet another different answer.

“I would have to say that meta tags are definitely the greatest. Their flexibility and usefulness are best confirmed by our Head of Infrastructure who is responsible for the whole setup, remains in charge of the inventory and to whom meta tags turned out to be irreplaceable in labeling all of the bits and pieces.

Vincentas is in fact among the many people to mention that meta tags appeared as a real life-saver for his company. And since that has been always one of our primary goals to make daily data center duties as swift and effortless as possible, we are genuinely pleased to hear those kind words of approval!


Customer feedback companies receive may be twofold: sometimes it comes with appraisals, and sometimes – with expectations. For us, it has always been the focal point of software development to brainstorm ideas with clients, hearing them out and finding the most optimal solutions together.

There is always room for many more improvements and novel features yet to be implemented. Heficed was more than generous to provide us not only with all the support to our platform but also with a motivation to continue striving for excellence. And it is thanks to the first-hand feedback of such companies that we know what our audience needs and, most of all, whether the changes we actively employ have turned out to be as practical as we planned.

So, looking ahead into the future of EasyDCIM, we asked Vincentas Grinius about the upgrades that he is still eager to see in our software. At the top of his list appeared an expanded toolkit related to network aggregation – and since we align ourselves with this prospect, we already cannot wait to get around to it!

And we hope you will share this excitement with us! Regardless of whether your adventure with web hosting is just starting or perhaps you have lately found yourself stuck with the mediocrity, let the word of recommendation that Vincentas was so kind as to share with us, lead you straight to EasyDCIM!

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