OS Installation For EasyDCIM


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OS Installation For EasyDCIM is a module which, as its name suggests, allows installation of any desired operating system on existing in EasyDCIM physical server.

The module allows you to choose between two available submodules NOC-PS Provisioning and Email Notification. The former one gives you the choice of either fully automated installation process done at the moment of order acceptance in the system or its manual performance. Whereas the latter one bases on email notifications only. In its case, the installation process on a device is always performed manually by the administrator who informs a client about the installation progress via email. Additionally, OS Installation For EasyDCIM allows easy integration of systems templates which are common for both mentioned above installation submodules.

Speed up and automate the operating systems installation process by ordering and configuring OS Installation For EasyDCIM module.

  • NOC-PS Submodule
  • Install OS Automatically
  • Install OS Manually
  • Synchronize Device With IP Address/MAC Address
  • Migrate IP Addresses From EasyDCIM To NOC-PS During OS Installation
  • Select Addons During OS Installation
  • Synchronize Addons From NOC-PS To EasyDCIM
  • Add Missing Devices To NOC-PS Remotely
  • Define Reboot Method Per Device
  • Define Template Used For Automatic OS Reinstallation
  • Wipe Hard Disks Upon Service Termination
  • Send Notifications To Admins
  • Send Email Info To Clients
  • Test Connection
  • Email Notification Submodule
  • Install OS Manually
  • Send Notifications To Admins
  • Send Email Info To Clients
  • Enable/Disable Specific Submodules
  • Create Own Submodules
  • Manage OS Templates
  • Add/Edit/Delete Templates
  • Define Template For Chosen Connection
  • Synchronize Templates

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Version 1.2.0

Nov 6th, 2017

New Features:

  • <b>[OS Addons Templates]</b> - Added option to select installation addons such as disklayout, post installation, firstboot and packages during the installation of an operating system
  • <b>[OS Addons Synchronizations]</b> - Added feature to synchronize installation addons from NOC-PS to EasyDCIM


  • <b>[Addons]</b> - Added data filtering to the Addons section
  • <b>[Interface]</b> - Optimizations to assorted aspects of the module‚Äôs appearance

Bug Fixes:

  • <b>[MAC Address]</b> - Corrected automatic deletion of whitespace characters during the edit of a MAC address in a device

Version 1.1.0

Aug 10th, 2017

New Features:

  • OS Templates - Define the template for a particular connection: it is useful when different NOC-PS instances are used for each location because templates can be then synchronized for each NOC-PS instance separately
  • OS Templates Delete All - All OS templates can be now deleted with a single click
  • <b>[NOC-PS]</b> - Synchronize a device with IP address or MAC address
  • <b>[NOC-PS]</b> - Migrate additional IP addresses from EasyDCIM to NOC-PS during the OS installation and remove them upon the cancellation process
  • <b>[NOC-PS]</b> - Define the reboot method for each device instead of employing the same method for all devices
  • <b>[NOC-PS]</b> - Add a device to NOC-PS straight from EasyDCIM if a device does not exist in NOC-PS
  • <b>[NOC-PS]</b> - Define the template used for the automatic system reinstallation on the server
  • <b>[NOC-PS]</b> - Automatically wipe hard disks upon the service termination


  • Enhanced general appearance of the module
  • Interface optimization
  • Filtering of connections and OS templates

Bug Fixes:

  • <b>[NOC-PS]</b> - Automatically update the MAC address if capital letters have been used instead of small ones during the device synchronization
  • <b>[NOC-PS]</b> - Automatic hostname migration during the OS installation

Version 1.0.0

Sep 29th, 2016


  • Stable Initial Version

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