For the past few weeks we have been really busy, with our focus set on the soon-to-be-released EasyDCIM v1.6.0. But before it is ready for the official arrival, would you like to hear some spicy details about the variety of novel tools we prepared for you guys? If so, be sure to read on!

Along with the increase in number of devices added to EasyDCIM, the amount of resources needed to collect all information about these devices significantly rises as well. As you can easily figure out, this in turn may lead to network latency and unwelcome delays in data fetching. To counteract this problem, EasyDCIM v1.6.0 will rely on the dispersed architecture model where the data collection process will be distributed to external servers via multiple remote agents, capable of performing many more queries in a given time interval.

Speaking of remote agents, if you ever installed OS in several separate data center locations via EasyDCIM, you might be quite familiar with this term already. Given their sheer practicality, we extended support for remote agents in the 1.6.0 version even further, securing their integration with the IP Address Management For EasyDCIM module, enabling Post Installation Scripts for Debian 8 and Debian 9, and adding an extra OS installation template: VMware ESXi 6.5 U1.

Remote Agent Summary - EasyDCIM v1.6.0

Next on our list of scheduled implementations is support for a completely new protocol type – NETCONF. Its main purpose will be the remote management of those network devices that the current SNMP protocol does not support. This includes mainly switches of Juniper and Cisco brands.

NETCONF Support - EasyDCIM v1.6.0

Summing up this brief features overview, we can safely say that the 1.6.0 release of EasyDCIM will have much to offer in terms of improved performance across virtually every section of the application. But, so as not to lose the element of surprise and spoil the fun of first-hand exploration for you, that is about as much early details as we can share for now.

As soon as the EasyDCIM update becomes officially available, we will release a follow-up article so keep your eyes peeled!

Stay Tuned!

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