Advanced Monitoring For EasyDCIM



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Advanced Monitoring For EasyDCIM will allow you to master the craft of careful data center infrastructure supervision through effortless creation and management of monitors all across the system in a completely automatic manner.

Essentially, the extension will empower you to define new system monitors for devices or network ports and then assign them to either specific entities or appropriate system tags. Thanks to the ability to perform a real-life evaluation of their performance, you will be able to adjust their working to your requirements with top accuracy. Additionally, by specifying suitable variables and conditions for each monitor, plus setting up personalized notifications received via the preferred channel, you will monitor your inventory with extreme efficiency and react quickly and effectively in case of any complications.

If you want to make sure your data center is always in a shipshape condition, order Advanced Monitoring For EasyDCIM and let it take care of everything for you!

  • Create And Manage Advanced System Monitors:
  • Devices
  • Network Ports
  • Assign System Monitor To Multiple Devices Using Tags
  • Assign System Monitor To Multiple Specific Devices
  • Define Unlimited Number Of Conditions For System Monitor:
  • Devices:
  • Hostname
  • IP Address
  • IPMI Status
  • Inventory Status
  • Load
  • MAC Address
  • Metadata Value
  • Operating System
  • Ping
  • SNMP Status
  • Serial Number
  • Status
  • Traffic: Last Hour/Day/Week/Month And Current Month
  • Uptime
  • Network Ports:
  • Inbound Traffic
  • Outbound Traffic
  • Total Traffic
  • Assign Chosen Actions To Particular Monitors:
  • Send Email Notification
  • Send Email To Client
  • Send Slack Notification
  • Send System Notification
  • Execute URL
  • Test System Monitors In Real Time
  • Duplicate System Monitors
  • View System Logs For Each Monitor
  • Advanced Filtering Of System Monitors

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Version 1.1.0

Oct 5th, 2020

New Features:

  • <b>[Traffic Conditions]</b> - Implemented new conditions for monitors of the Device type to check the transfer in specific time periods:
  • <span>Last Hour Traffic</span>
  • <span>Last Day Traffic</span>
  • <span>Last Week Traffic</span>
  • <span>Last Month Traffic</span>
  • <span>Current Month Traffic</span>

Version 1.0.0

Aug 10th, 2020


  • Stable Version

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