Running your own data center is a challenging task but taking absolute control over it is a truly hard one. Thankfully, the new EasyDCIM is here to make your life much easier!

Our fully featured control panel needs no introduction, but a brief mention about the latest functionalities introduced in version 1.3.1 will surely intrigue you. EasyDCIM now supports device bays that represent the capability of a parent device to store the child devices. For instance, 4 bays can be created and assigned to a single blade server of the height of 2U. Bays can be sorted freely according to requirements. The next novelty is support for non-racked devices of the height of 0U assigned to the rack. We have also facilitated the management of racks as well as enabled your customers to view all the IP addresses and subnets assigned to their devices directly in the client area. Of course, new EasyDCIM v1.3.1 has much more to offer in terms of new features and interesting changes.

One of these changes is represented by refreshed IP Address Management For EasyDCIM 1.5.0 with a new gamut of possibilities. The updated module will allow you to assign multiple devices and VLANs to IP subnets, split IP subnets upon choosing a relevant mask and access detailed summary. A must-have tool, no doubts!

To cap off our post, we would like to present you the latest screenshots of new functionalities that you will not find anywhere else, and invite you to visit our changelog to learn more about EasyDCIM v1.3.1!

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