The road so far…

It was exactly on 25th June 2015 that a team of software geeks looked at their work with satisfaction and concluded: our all-embracing control panel is officially ready to launch and change the life of data center owners forever. And this is how the legend of EasyDCIM was born!

It is to hard to believe that 3 years have passed since that very moment! We came a long way. Not always smooth and not always paved with spectacular victories, but definitely fruitful in the end. Was it worth it? Looking back at what we have achieved, I think we can all unanimously agree that EasyDCIM was the best thing that happened to us. And, hopefully, to all data centers using our software which is setting ever new trends in the market. EasyDCIM has been continuously evolving throughout these 3 years and will surely keep doing that for many, many more days to come. We are strongly driven to action when seeing how many businesses are already using our tool, and how massive feedback we receive from you. It means a whole world to us because with your help we do not have to wander in the dark. We listen, deliberate on each and every one of your suggestions, assess their feasibility, and when possible – we implement them.

One of the most game-changing functionalities which settled in EasyDCIM for good as per your request was the Automatic OS Installer built in our recently released 1.5.0 version. To you, it is a great opportunity to set up a series of operating systems in one fell swoop and without the need to use any third-party software. To us – a wonderful tribute to our hard three-year work.

Another noteworthy features added in response to your growing needs include Network Auto Discovering which lets you save considerable amounts of time by automatically detecting all devices within a given network through the SNMP protocol, and Revision History section storing all kinds of device-related information conveniently in one place.

Some other prodigious additions comprise:

  • Remote KVM console for HP iLO3 devices
  • Remote KVM console for American Megatrends devices
  • Power Control Settings – definining scope of remote control over the device status, choosing primary and secondary method of device restart (IPMI or PDU)
  • PDU Drivers – support for Enlogic & Cyberpower ATS devices
  • Added capability to export parts assigned to a device
  • Possibility to upload files for each element from the inventory
  • Means to export all items at once

As you can see, we have done so much already with your support. And there is still a lot up our sleeve, so stay tuned – this second part of the year will be really exciting!

Let’s make a toast for future to come!

Third Anniversary Promotion - EasyDCIM

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See also new EasyDCIM v1.5.1 with the  Automatic Windows Server OS Installer!

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