EasyDCIM – the project which started 3 years ago is now in full blossom! Our system has gained trust of many enterprises and now we stand before you with yet another groundbreaking update. With today’s release we would like to jump-start a new direction of EasyDCIM further development. The keyword phrase of this positive change will be called Admin Experience!

The release of EasyDCIM v1.3.0 is another milestone in the rapid growth of our control panel. Let’s start with the fact that now EasyDCIM fully supports PHP 7! What does it change? Among many other aspects, its performance! Now EasyDCIM works much faster and smoother than ever, reaching even up to 100% performance boost! To prove our bragging is nothing but legit, we will create two separate Blog articles with the comparisons soon 😀 Another important change in version 1.3.0 is support for another operating system – Debian 8.7 “Jessie” and support for the latest Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS!

In EasyDCIM we put strong emphasis on the system’s intuitiveness, ease of use and time you have to spend on making the right decisions, performing various actions to control your data center and react to rapidly changing situations. A good piece of software should be fully featured, however simple to use. Time is of the essence and we really want you to make the most of it. Why should you waste it on needless actions that can be automated and simplified? The answer is revealed in EasyDCIM v1.3.0 and our new approach to admin experience – guiding us to the upcoming updates. We will introduce series of changes allowing to automate and manage your whole business with no hassle.

How will new EasyDCIM make your daily work more efficient? Starting with freshly added dynamic table columns enabling the selection of exact columns to be displayed – particularly useful for large data volumes. Another novelty is the possibility to display last hour traffic in servers/devices tables and to sort them freely by a chosen parameter. Thanks to this feature, you will no longer miss excessive resource usage or DDoS, and will be able to react accordingly in mere seconds! One of many improvements of such is also an enhanced rack view, enriched with an icon showing the status of a device, so a quick glance at your machines will now be more than enough to check their status. Convenient, isn’t it? Just wait until you see the full changelog!

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