For the past few years we have been really busy collecting ideas and implementing new features to make your experience with our software not only maximally beneficial, but enjoyable as well. Recently we came to the realization that the more options we pack into our system, the greater the need to keep things simple. Otherwise, what would be the point of having tons of functionalities stacked one on top of the other if you had to waste precious minutes every time when trying to find something? Finally, after a series of readjustments and tune-ups we managed to reconcile the expanding arsenal of server-related instruments with the ability to navigate through them in a still intuitive and swift manner. Get ready for an intense gust of refreshment triggered by the release of EasyDCIM v1.5.4!

The first wave of a sweeping change has affected several forms that you use on an everyday basis to regulate all bits and pieces of your data center operations. What we did was add practical placeholders and helpers in suitable places so that you could know instantly what the given field is responsible for, and what type of information is supposed to be provided within. No need to worry any more that you may misunderstand a vital setting and be forced to start the configuration all over again.

Among the forms that were immensely simplified you will find:

  • Add/Edit Device Form
  • Add/Edit Item Form
  • Mass Create Form
  • Auto Discovering Form
  • SNMP Device Settings Form
  • IPMI Device Settings Form
  • Traffic Aggregation Settings Form
  • Base Settings Form

Auto Discovering Form - EasyDCIM v1.5.4

Having all details on your clients stored in one place proves of invaluable service when you wish to monitor the status and usage of their key resources in real time. From this day on you will have the opportunity to benefit from one more type of statistics and that is the traffic aggregated on each device assigned to a specific user.

Summarized Traffic Per User - EasyDCIM v1.5.4

Another novel feature that we just could not help but to push into motion is the automated installation of Windows Server 2019 via the Remote Provisioning Module.

Windows Server 2019 Installation - EasyDCIM v1.5.4

Care to have a look at some of the other optimizations as well?

  • Possibility to start the noVNC session in a new window, plus stop the active noVNC session directly in the active session window.
  • Added support for HP iLO4 and Dell iDrac 8 console
  • Capability to paginate the API results for a series of specific endpoints
  • Smoother device-to-rack assignment
  • A new popup informing about the termination of a service

Enhancing admin experience has been the primary guideline for further development of EasyDCIM since the get-go, and always more of a feedback-reaction kind of process for us rather than a pursuit of some arbitrarily set standards. We hope our newly born 1.5.4 update to bring your way all the flexibility needed to exploiting your company’s potential to maximum. But enough from us. Let’s now hear in the comments your thoughts on the progress we have made and all those things that you like the most about EasyDCIM v1.5.4!

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