After much blood, sweat and tears, we are only too ready to let this innovative beast out. Give a round of rapturous applause to the tide-turning EasyDCIM v1.5.1 which is about to add whole new layers of automated OS installation!

Although we have already spilled the beans on what the centerpiece of this momentous release is, uttering those words even the second time will feel no less amazing – all the finishing touches are now complete to welcome the one and only Automatic Windows Server OS Installer!

Since our previous Blog article covers pretty much everything there is to know about this keenly requested group of operating systems, we encourage you to engross yourself in this pleasurable reading straight away (if you have not done that already). Among the many useful pieces on information included in the latest publication, you will find an outline of major perks that unattended installation supplies data center admins with, list of supported Windows systems and a comprehensive guide through the entire installation process.

After the long-awaited delivery of mass OS installation, it is time for the next load of big guns. Time for Windows, time for EasyDCIM v1.5.1!

View The Changelog!

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