Here it comes! The long awaited release of EasyDCIM v1.1.0 is on the way and there is nothing that can stop us now! We have taken under consideration all your precious comments and we encapsulated tons of new features and improvements to the upcoming edition. It is no longer EasyDCIM you know from the past. Now it is faster, even more versatile and simply better. But this is just talk. See yourself what has been changed:

1. Completely rewritten Locations section – enables convenient preview of devices and problems connected with them:
– New Locations Map view
– New statistics options for Locations
2. Thoroughly refactored users section:
– Option to add contacts to users
– Extended permissions groups for users and their contacts
– Statistics per individual user
3. New widgets in a device summary page – subject to traffic control per port connected to a device
4. Optimized and rewritten polling function:
– Full control of system load against overload protection
– Configurable number of processes per device – option to set up a maximum number of connections within a selected time unit
5. Numerous notifications informing on any action in the system – e.g. connection changes on device ports
6. Automatic assignment of SNMP connections between devices
7. Support for IPMI driver via Proxy – option to control devices remotely via IPMI connection without the need of its public disposal
8. Completely rewritten JS application – increase of 100% in loading single page speed!
9. Implemented system of processes queuing – improves multi tasking performance
10. New device edition form based on organized tabs
11. Refreshed user interface and items mass delivery new engine – optimized for transactions safety
12. Transparent manner of storing data on items in inventory
13. Completely rewritten and optimized code structure – the vast improvement of stability
14. Completely rewritten reports engine – performance improvements and the base of brand new reports coming soon

The list above contains only the biggest changes and trust us, there will be a lot of more of them listed in the changelog.


To lift the veil of secrecy we would like to present you with one of the latest functionalities – Map View. It will allow you to overview your devices, see whether there any problems and quickly access the list of devices which require your attention.

EasyDCIM - Locations Map View

We are delighted to announce that the release will take place at the beginning of May 2016 so stay tuned and do not forget to visit our Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn to see more v1.1.0 screenshots.
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