EasyDCIM Dashboard Preview

We’re extremely proud to announce that on October 12, 2015, EasyDCIM v1.0.was released!
This new release is the precursor to our next, major version update, v1.1.0, which will see a number of major feature additions & complete module re-writes that our development team has been working incredibly hard on. We’d like to thank all of our current clients who offered suggestions and advice, and we’ve done our best to guide the EasyDCIM evolution based on those.

A comprehensive list of the changes and improvements can be reviewed in our ChangeLog, however some of the noteworthy upgrades include:

  • A completely rewritten SNMP poller based on a process manager, which includes the ability to set the number of devices per thread (dramatically improves the amount of time required to poll devices).
  • Additional services and graphing support for the Client Area, in preparation for EasyDCIM to more fully support client<->staff interaction and grant clients (and their contacts) permissions for different features.
  • A fix for a bug that caused new item models to not be marked as parts.

Stay tuned for announcements as additional enhancements are released; be sure to check out our RoadMap and let us know if you have any feedback or ideas of what you would like to see from EasyDCIM!

EasyDCIM is a datacenter infrastructure management platform which provides dedicated server providers and colocation providers with the ability to perform dedicated server billing, dedicated server inventory tracking, dedicated server reboots, dedicated server bandwidth billing, dedicated server bandwidth monitoring and more!

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