We are immensely proud to announce the release of EasyDCIM v1.1.0! The system has been completely rebuilt to offer you extreme improvements in usability, functionality and performance. This is one of the ways where EasyDCIM is heading. We will put even more emphasis on your experience with the system to make it enjoyable and practical to the limit!

A foretaste of these changes is now visible in clear, simple views that allow you to overview and manage your assets without spending on it more time than necessary. As an example, from now you can view the map with locations of your servers and quickly preview each one of them to see their status, load, temperature and problems you should probably take care of. Everything in a single, transparent view. Basically, everything has been redesigned in greater or lesser extent to look better and work smoother than before.

EasyDCIM v1.1.0 - Device Location Summary

Now to features. Optimization is important but major release should contain major functionality additions as well. We are focused on that target also, yet our main goal for v1.1.0 was to improve the system reliability and perfect its current shape. We added two-sided racks and “half-width” devices support, queue processing engine, hourly cron command, new proxy IPMITool driver for the IPMI module and several more. We also redeveloped  IPAM, IPMI and Usage Collector modules. We have big plans for the upcoming releases but this is a topic for a completely new article.

At this point it is worth mentioning that we have already started the work on version 1.2.0 which is about to be released at the turn of Q2 and Q3. Among many other features, EasyDCIM will be enriched by OS Auto Installer! Before that happens, we will release several minor updates in closely spaced time intervals. We will add a couple of further improvements to the system, and vastly broaden our offer and possibilities related to modules. Be sure to stay tuned and share your feedback with us in the meantime. It is you who decide how EasyDCIM will evolve in the upcoming future. Do not hesitate to let us know what is important to you, what should be added or changed in the system. No one knows your business better than you do and our goal is to make EasyDCIM the right tool for your business.

EasyDCIM v1.1.0 - Device Summary

Ok, so how are you going to upgrade your current installation of EasyDCIM? The upgrade process is not that difficult but we will handle it for you! Just create a ticket titled “EasyDCIM v1.1.0 Upgrade” and we will discuss the details with you and assist you all the way through until your EasyDCIM is up and running on version 1.1.0! Why is that?, you ask. Because the system has undergone a series of significant changes and the most of its core was simply rebuilt from scratch. We offer you our direct help because we want to make sure your panel is upgraded in the shortest time possible and of course without any unnecessary complications. Just get in touch with us and we will do the rest for you!

We hope that EasyDCIM v1.1.0 will prove an inherent component of your data center. We believe that with this release, EasyDCIM will enter an entirely new level of quality that will open a brand new direction towards which our system will be developed in the future. A lot of behind us, even more ahead of us. Now it is your move. Check out the latest EasyDCIM and let’s create a better future of data center management – together.

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