IPMI Integration For EasyDCIM


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IPMI Integration For EasyDCIM permits you to monitor and manage any server configured in our system through the IPMI protocol. The module authorizes both administrators and end clients to access the physical layer of server remotely, regardless of the operating system's status. Our product enables you to control the servers' power, read data from their sensors and trace system event log as well.

Order IPMI Integration For EasyDCIM today and sleep like a rock. No matter where you are and what you do, you will be always empowered to check on your servers and make the necessary alterations on the fly.

  • Control Servers Remotely – Power On/Power Off/Reset
  • Configure IPMI Proxy
  • Access Remote KVM Console
  • View System Event Logs
  • Overview Device Summary
  • Check Detailed Information About BMC Plate
  • Manage Access Permissions For Administrators

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Version 1.3.0

Dec 10th, 2019

New Features:

  • <b>[ASRock Rack KVM]</b> - A new driver to the KVM console has been added:
  • <span>ASRock Rack IPMI JAVA Console</span>
  • <span>ASRock Rack IPMI noVNC KVM Console</span>

Version 1.2.0

Oct 9th, 2018

New Features:

  • <b>[IPMI Proxy]</b> - Configure servers that will serve as proxy servers for IPMI commands and KVM console:
  • <span>Support for servers with the following systems installed: Debian 9 "Stretch", Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver)</span>
  • <span>Define a proxy server for all devices in one location or for each device separately</span>
  • <span>Automatically install required system packages on a proxy server directly in EasyDCIM</span>
  • <span>Introduced websocket integration with noVNC</span>
  • <span>Connect with a proxy server using an SSH password or a private key</span>
  • <span>Two inbuilt proxy types allowing to:</span><li style="padding: 9px 0px 0px 17px;">Automatically download JAVA applet and run it in a secure environment</li><li style="padding: 9px 0px 0px 17px;">Automatically start a default IPMI panel of a device</li>
  • Automatically close the VNC session after a defined time interval
  • Start the VNC session using an API command</li>


  • <b>[Credentials]</b> - IPMI password is now hidden on the configuration form

Version 1.1.0

May 4th, 2016


  • Core
  • Functionalities
  • Interface

Version 1.0.0

Jun 25th, 2015


  • Stable Version

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