WHMCS Integration

EasyDCIM can be integrated with almost any system or application. Advanced synchronization and automation between our control panel and WHMCS is possible with the help of several inbuilt handles and a dedicated module brought to you by ModulesGarden.

The main pillar of the integration is a dedicated provisioning module that enables to create and synchronize services between both systems. Included form generator allows products synchronization between EasyDCIM and WHMCS with just a couple of clicks. What is more, owing to the client-admin area integration, both you and your customers will be able to manage physical devices and servers configured in EasyDCIM directly from your WHMCS.

By no means less important part of the integration is the possibility to configure and specify the synchronization details and enable customers' billing within WHMCS, based on data collected by EasyDCIM.

Key Features

Dedicated Provisioning Module

Synchronize products and services between EasyDCIM and WHMCS then manage your physical devices set up in our control panel directly in your WHMCS. The module enables convenient ordering and basic options control straight from the WHMCS client area as well. Among them there are device turn on/off, reboot and preview of information about a chosen server.

Remote Device Management

Empower your clients to preview and remotely manage their servers ordered directly in WHMCS through EasyDCIM. Your customers will not simply be able to boot, reboot and shutdown their servers from WHMCS client area but also view server usage graphs as well as monitor the live status of their machines.

Server Usage Billing

EasyDCIM has been natively integrated with WHMCS platform. Owing to its inbuilt components, our system enables completely automated billing of your customers based on actual server resource usage. The whole mechanism relies on data returned by an accurate, inbuilt usage collecting component which guarantees remarkable precision.

All Features

  • Dedicated Provisioning Module by ModulesGarden (Read More)
  • Remote Devices Management: Boot, Reboot, Shutdown
  • Server Usage Billing
  • Resource Usage And Traffic Graphs
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Automatic Synchronization Of Configuration Options Between EasyDCIM And WHMCS
  • Dedicated Colocation Module by ModulesGarden (Read More)
  • Remote Power Outlets Management: Enable, Disable, Restart
  • Colocation Usage Billing
  • Resource Usage, Power Consumption And Traffic Graphs
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Automatic Synchronization Of Configuration Options Between EasyDCIM And WHMCS

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