Standalone System

EasyDCIM is a completely standalone, fully featured system that enables total control over your data center and allows to automate servers provisioning. It is a highly advanced solution which is ready to work nearly out of the box. All of these owing to an incredible network auto-discovering functionality, which scans the available inventory and configures the system on the fly. Auto-discovering permits to track, monitor and manage physical devices within a chosen location. It is a fantastic time saver and most of all – a convenient tool for complex data center management. The automatic operating system installation on the server right after order acceptance and well-thought client area that will allow your customers to remotely manage all services and devices, are a great complement to the whole system.

Thanks to the modular structure and dedicated API, EasyDCIM introduces simple in usage, yet very extensive ways of connecting it with other, external applications. It gives you nearly unlimited possibilities of further system development. Modules which are inbuilt components of our control panel can be freely activated and deactivated at any moment. This does not influence the work of EasyDCIM core features, but extends or narrows down the functionality of the entire system, dependening on your current needs and preferences.

Key Features

Distinct Admin Area & Client Area

EasyDCIM is divided into two independent but related to each other sections. The admin area with fully customizable dashboard offers a complete solution that allows you to monitor, control and manage every single aspect of your data center. Functionalities available in the client area will enable your customers to view all the information and statistics about their services clearly as well as remotely manage and apply desired changes to their servers and devices.

Automatic OS Installation

Our system will not only match and turn on desired servers for you and your clients, it will also empower you to provide your customers with servers that are ready to work soon after ordering. Owing to an inbuilt OS Installation module, EasyDCIM automatically installs and configures required operating systems on your servers upon provisioning. You can handle the task with either the Core Provisioning Module or the NOC-PS Provisioning Module. Additionally, our control panel enables manual OS installation supported by instant email notifications on the progress.

Network Auto-Discovering

EasyDCIM is a well-thought tool based on auto-discovering method that allows you to obtain complete information about your data center devices within just a couple of clicks. The mechanism automatically recognizes the device and fetches all the details about it, e.g. CPU load, amount of available RAM memory, traffic recorded by device's network interfaces. In addition, you can read data directly from sensors and system logs, which lets you be always up to date with everything that goes on with your devices.

All Features

  • Admin Area Based On Widgets With Fully Customizable Dashboard
  • Client Area With Remote Services And Devices Management
  • Automatic OS Installation With Core/NOC-PS Provisioning Modules
  • Network Auto-Discovering Based On SNMP Protocol
  • Asset Management
  • Servers Management Through IPMI Protocol
  • Intuitive Racks And Locations Management
  • Users And Orders Management
  • Management Of Information Collected From Devices' Sensors – SNMP + IPMI Protocols
  • History Logs Of Each Device
  • Devices Monitoring Based On Submodules
  • Advanced Inventory Data Filtering
  • Data Pollers
  • Management Of Devices' Access Details
  • RRD Based Graph Generators
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Troubleshooting Tool
  • Dedicated API Based On JSON

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