Modular Architecture

EasyDCIM owes its wide range of features and flexibility to a modular, user-friendly architecture. Thanks to that, you can quickly and capably extend the inbuilt system functionalities according to your needs.

Structure and work of our control panel are neither a top secret nor rocket science. EasyDCIM is based on a popular and reputable Laravel framework, Symfony components, inbuilt Eloquent ORM and dependency manager Composer. Owing to this, you will have no problems to adjust our product to meet even the most sophisticated requirements. It is really worth mentioning that a complete API makes communication between EasyDCIM and any applications a really simple task that permits execution of all actions available on the base system.

Basic functionality of EasyDCIM is extended by standardized modules, divided into monitors and addons. The former are responsible for supervising the work and state of devices on an ongoing basis, while the latter extend the functionality of base application. Inbuilt system of events and hooks allows you to freely control, modify and even break chosen action executed by our product. All these make EasyDCIM a very developer friendly control panel, which does not limit your creativity, but helps you achieve your goals.

Key Features

Dedicated System Of Hooks & Events

A dedicated system of hooks and events eliminates the necessity to prepare and execute complicated operations or "hack" into the code because the entire application layer is enclosed with a clear, dynamic and efficient connection system. Consequently, each module and component can interfere with any system action such as server creation, order activation or clients profile edition.

Built On Laravel Framework

System application is based on famous Laravel framework and dependency manager Composer. Owing to this, you do not have to waste long hours on studying the code to learn ins and outs of our control panel. Our design pattern, coding standards and folders structure are clear and easy to understand.

Dedicated API

EasyDCIM is enriched with a dedicated API created on the basis of JSON. It enables stable communication between our control panel and any chosen applications and systems. Our API has a well-developed structure and permits to recover any action carried out in EasyDCIM. It creates vast possibilities of further system development for both you and your clients.

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