Data Center Administration Tools

EasyDCIM incorporates everything you need to manage your data center in one place. Among many other aspects, you will be able to manage the quantity of owned devices and parts, as well as keep constant control over their physical side.

Each location and data center is treated by the system individually. As an administrator you will be allowed to filter the results quickly to locate and manage a particular part, device, location and data center. Owing to an inbuilt ACL system, you can change permission levels dynamically, therefore, certain administrators see only the information designated to them. It simplifies daily work a great deal because every staff member is indulged only in the details they really need.

Key Features

Physical Parts & Devices Management

With an inbuilt parts tracking system you receive a clear preview of their status enriched with advanced filtering. Each part can be assigned in the system to a physical device, which enables full control over even the smallest aspect of your data center. Dedicated section to manage physical devices such as servers, switches or PDUs lets you centralize the management of your data centers and bring it to a completely new level of mobility. Available features extended by included modules enable remote performance of any action with a minimum of effort.

Traffic Aggregation

EasyDCIM can summarize inbound and outbound traffic from multiple servers ports connected simultaneously to switch ports. The collected traffic is calculated on the basis of data gathered with an SNMP protocol. Data obtained with this method are saved during the polling process to RRD files with an RRDtool graphing utility. Thanks to this, you can enjoy a complete information on your bandwidth, traffic history and ports connections on a single screen.

Racks & Locations Management

Simple and intuitive control of locations, buildings and rack cabinets ensures accurate preview of your data center structure. Handy drag & drop interface makes moving devices to match the actual state of rack cabinets a really painless task. In addition, extensive access control system allows you to entrust the management even of a single rack cabinet to a specified person, while neat integration with SNMP provides detailed information about each rack.

All Features

  • Physical Parts Management
  • Physical Devices Management
  • Traffic Aggregation
  • Devices And Servers Monitoring
  • Colocation Management
  • Servers DNS And rDNS Management
  • Switches And PDU Management
  • IP Address Management For Devices Mounted In Rack Cabinets
  • Remote Servers Control With IPMI Integration
  • Server Usage Collecting For Billing Purposes
  • Resource Usage Graphing
  • Visual Representation Of Devices Mounted In Rack Cabinets
  • Password Management
  • Personalized Reports

Supported Protocols

  • Servers Managed Remotely Over IPMI Protocol With Support For KVM via IPMI And Other Features From Dell iDrac & Supermicro Protocol Extensions
  • Switches & PDU Integration Over SNMP With Support For Either 1st, 2nd And 3rd Version Of The Protocol

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