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Data Center Administration Tools

WHMCS Integration

Modular Architecture

EasyDCIM Is A Revolutionary Control Panel
For Automated Data Center Management

A completely new dimension of automated data center management. Everything you need is here, within reach.
EasyDCIM brings complex management of data centers to the entirely new level! It is a true milestone in the industry. What makes us better?


No matter where you are and what devices you are using. EasyDCIM allows you to remotely manage your data center, whenever you need that, in exactly the same, equally effective way.


You can freely extend and modify the functionality of EasyDCIM to tailor it to your needs. It is really effortless. Just pick the system components you need and activate them on the fly.


EasyDCIM offers a wide variety of possibilities to customize the system behavior and its appearance. Use only these components you actually need and in the way you choose.

Fully Automated Provisioning Flow

EasyDCIM introduces unprecedented and completely automated process of servers provisioning.
Empower your clients to easily customize and order their servers, then admire how quickly up and running devices are delivered to them!

Ordering Matching Server Turning Server ON OS Installation Monitoring & Management Resource Usage Billing

You can integrate our control panel with any billing system to streamline the way from ordering to getting hands on an active machine!

Standalone System

EasyDCIM is primarily an absolutely independent system consisting of a fully featured admin control panel and a user empowering portal. Our platform is an advanced solution which does not require any additional software to offer complete data center asset lifecycle tracking and management, and to provide customer self-servicing options.

  • Admin Area Based On Widgets With Fully Customizable Dashboard
  • Client Area With Remote Services And Devices Management
  • Users And Orders Management
  • Asset And Automation Management
  • Automatic OS Installation
  • Network Auto-Discovering
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Data Center Administration Tools

The core functionality of the system revolves around your inventory and assets. The control, management, and servicing of what you sell is integral to a streamlined, integrated, and concise business operation.

  • Items/Devices/Parts/Resource Types/Groups Management
  • Visual Representations Of Location (DC, Racks, Servers, Switches, PDUs, Others)
  • Devices And Services Monitoring
  • Colocation Management
  • Resource Usage Graphing
  • Switch Integration - Port States, Port Control
  • PDU Integration - Port States, Port Control
  • Servers DNS and rDNS Management
  • IP Address Management - Assignments via CIDR subnets from Master Pools
  • Remote Servers Control - IPMI Integration
  • Server Usage Collecting
  • Traffic Aggregation
  • Password Management
  • Personalized Reports
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WHMCS Integration

Our platform features integration with WHMCS allowing you to automatically provision and control client billing services and accounts, as well as synchronize those services with assets and usage from within EasyDCIM.

  • Dedicated Provisioning Module: Client Area, Admin Area, Service Provisioning
  • Remote Devices Management: Boot, Reboot, Shutdown, KVM Console
  • Server Usage Billing Configurator
  • Resource Usage And Traffic Graphs
  • Dedicated Colocation Module: Client Area, Admin Area, Service Provisioning
  • Remote Power Outlets Management: Enable, Disable, Restart
  • Colocation Usage Billing Configurator
  • Resource Usage, Power Consumption And Traffic Graphs
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Modular Architecture

EasyDCIM is a fully featured platform but you can still extend the range of its possibilities with very little effort. You can activate, deactivate, add and modify various components at any moment to tailor the system functionality to your current needs.

  • Dedicated System Of Hooks & Events
  • Built On Laravel Framework
  • Dedicated API Based On JSON
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