Getting Started Guide

First Steps With EasyDCIM In A Nutshell

  • Installation & Configuration

  • Inventory Management

  • Servers Management

  • Billing Integration

  • Modules

System installation, although at the first might seem to be quite complicated, is in fact user-friendly and handy process. Your EasyDCIM is installed in your system with an automatic installer. The process can be done either globally or locally.

1. Requirements

To install EasyDCIM, one of the following operating systems must be used:

  • Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS (Xenial Xerus) Desktop
  • Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS (Xenial Xerus) Server
  • Debian 8.7 "Jessie"

Required PHP Version:

  • PHP 7

That’s all. System dependencies and libraries needed to run EasyDCIM are automatically installed during the installation process using our installer. For more information, visit our Documentation.

2. Proceed to /opt directory

In order to install your EasyDCIM, log into your Console as a Super-User and proceed to /opt directory:

cd /opt

3. Download the installer script

Remain in the /opt directory and use the wget or curl tool to obtain the installer script.

If neither wget nor curl is installed in your system, you have to download one of them to proceed with the installation.

Download the installer for Ubuntu 16 using the command:

sudo wget

Download the installer for Debian 8 using the command:

sudo wget

4. Run the installer

Use the command below to download and configure your customized EasyDCIM package.

sudo bash --key 'YOUR_LICENSE_KEY'

Then follow the on-screen instructions to continue.

Well done! You have just installed your EasyDCIM system.

Read our Documentation carefully to be familiar with the installation and configuration process of setting up your EasyDCIM

Construct your infrastructure and take advantage of the possibilities that your EasyDCIM brings.

  • Name item types and models
  • Define parts that will compose integral devices later on
  • Create location trees: cities, buildings, floors, racks and rack units to locate devices

Use added items to compose servers.

Once items have been added to your EasyDCIM infrastructure, compose database through gathering any substantial information on them. How to collect such information in the shortest time possible? Auto-Discovering process allows a quick import of data, such as temperature sensors, ports and space usage, activity status, etc. It automatically reads data and delivers it to your database.

  • Use your console to trigger the process
  • Enter SNMP Community password and Hostname or IP Address
  • Collect all possible details!

EasyDCIM can be integrated with numerous systems and applications. Advanced synchronization tool allows high integration of your panel with any other application. Consequently, it is possible to order products or services, which are integrated with both systems, directly from a separate but combined and configured system, such as WHMCS.

  • Order products/services from your account in an external system
  • Accept orders in your EasyDCIM panel
  • Manage products from an external system panel: Create, Terminate, Suspend, Unsuspend products

EasyDCIM is not just a standalone platform. You can broaden its capabilities with a wide range of modules from our offer! Visit our Marketplace and choose modules that will make your everyday work with our system more productive and economical. Activate addon modules in your system and extend the management and supervision possibilities. No installation required! Manage DNS and reverse DNS records with DNS Management For EasyDCIM, control and assign IP pools with IP Management For EasyDCIM or integrate switches and ports with Switches Management For EasyDCIM, and so on.

  • Visit our Marketplace
  • Choose the module of your interest
  • Place the order and pay the invoice
  • Wait shortly until it is activated directly in your system

Read about our modules and their features, choose the most adequate ones and upgrade your range of DCIM functionalities.

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